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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a music supervisor?

Responsibilities vary from one music supervisor to another, and I can't speak for each one. The following description reflects only what ToneMage has experience on thus far.

Film and television productions often feature songs synchronized to scenes, both well-known and otherwise. A music supervisor is responsible for the careful selection of these tunes and securing the necessary licenses (clearance) prior to a project's release or airing. In some cases, the music supervisor is brought on board later on in the production process, working with pre-selected songs that either need replacing or legal clearing. Other duties include include presenting viable and workable music options that satisfy the production's needs and budget.


How do I pitch my music for placement consideration?

Links to audio (preferably non-attachments) may be sent via email.


Are there any current music needs?

Announcements will be posted on the blog. Please stay tuned - and if you feel a particular need matches your music, feel free get in touch and let me know.


I have a different question in mind. 

Let's talk. Looking forward to hearing from you!